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Denmark’s National Environmental Research Institute (NERI), Aarhus University has prepared ‘Natur og Miljø 2009’, comprising two reports and this website. Every fourth year Denmark issues a state of the environment report that gives an overview of the state of the environment and nature. The 2009 edition is the fifth in the series.

In ‘Natur og Miljø 2009’ importance is attached to giving a summary of the current state of the environment, describing trends and explaining these as well as evaluating the effects of environmental initiatives. This contributes to providing greater clarity and an overview for politicians, stakeholders and interested citizens, and is an important part of the scientific underpinning for nature and environmental policy in Denmark.

Since 2000, publication of the state of the environment report has been written into law in connection with Danish adoption of the Aarhus Convention. It is the Danish Ministry of the Environment who has requested NERI to prepare and publish ‘Natur og Miljø 2009’.

Summary in English

‘Natur og Miljø 2009’ is only published in Danish. However, there is an English summary of part A of the report, Denmark's environment under global challenges.

For those who have some understanding of Danish, instructions in English on how to use the website can be found here.

About NERI

NERI undertakes scientific consultancy work, monitoring of nature and the environment as well as applied and strategic research. NERI’s task is to establish a scientific foundation for environmental policy decisions in Denmark. Learn more about NERI on http://www.dmu.dk/International/ 

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